1. I like to be a member of the Club. How should I proceed?
Take the following steps
- Check with Club to ensure training slot is available.
- Do your class 2 DCA medical.
- Submit class 2 DCA medical report, 12 Passport size color photos, photocopy of passport.
- Sign Club's agreement form, Indemnity form and DCA Malaysia Security / SPL forms, Immigration form.
- Make initial payment to the Club.
- Approval of PAS lawatan & SPL 1-2 months.
- Make second payment to the Club, receive text books and training kit.
- Attend 3 days introductory class.
- Will be informed for start of flight training.
- Make third payment to the Club.
- Spend the next 7 days on flight training with at least 2-3 sorties perday.

2. How long is my PPL valid?
The licence is based on the validity of your medical. If your age is below 40, the licence is valid for 24 months and if are aged 40 and above, the licence is valid for 12 months. One must also do a Certificate of Test once every 13 months.

3. I am 50 years old. Can I learn to fly?
The minimum age to get a RPPL & PPL is 17 years of age. During your Class 2 medical check, the doctor will be able to advise you accordingly.

4. If I wear spectacles, can I learn to fly?
Yes, as long as you wear correction glasses (or lenses). During your Class 2 medical, the doctor will be able to advise you accordingly.

5. How can I make payment?
You can make payment by cash or cheque, in Malaysian Ringgits or Singapore Dollars. If using Singapore dollars, the club will advise on the exchange rate prior to the payment..

6. Is your club an approved organisation that can conduct flight training?
First, the Club must have a Certificate from the Society of Clubs to operate as a Club for flying. This allows the club to conduct flying for its members. Second, the Club must have a Certificate of Approval from DCA to conduct flight training. FRAS Flying Club has both these certificates.

7. Are you instructors full-time or part-time?
FRAS Flying Club has both full-time and part-time instructors. Our instructors have between them
over 100 years of flying experiences in flying Aeroplanes and Helicopters.

8. Due to my work schedule, I am not able to fly regularly as I want to? Are there any rules?
The Club rules stipulates that if a RPPL/PPL holder has not flown for more than 45 days, he/she would need to fly with a Flight Instructor before flying solo. Other rules include no diving activities 12 hours before flight and no alcoholic consumption 8 hours before flight.

9. What are the benefits of joining FRAS Flying Club?
We have full time staff, proper facilities, new and well-maintained aircraft, and reciprocal arrangment with Raffles Marina Singapore, Subang Flying Club, Palm Resort Hotel and others which will be added gradually.

10. How do i get to FRAS?
Upon Gelang Patah checkpoint please follow KUALA LUMPUR direction sign and turn into SENAI AIRPORT junction when sign available. Make a left turn on the SENAI AIRPORT round about and take the first turn on the right.

Upon Johor bahru checkpoint, drive straight and will pass along DANGA BAY, continue drive straight to SKUDAI, follow SENAI AIRPORT sign when available. Take a right turn at SENAI Junction and drive stright till the end when you see the SENAI AIRPORT round about. Make a left turn and follow by a right turn.


- Causeway Link 333
- Maju 207
- GML Line G1

- Johor Singapore Express
- SBS 170
- Causeway Link CW1/2

Connecting JB - SINGAPORE (Direct)

CONTACT : Mr.David
H/P : 016-721 9951
REMARK : 24 Hours Service

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